Catal Huyuk (Çatalhöyük) was an ancient city in the southern part of Anatolia (Turkey). In 1963 the archeologists had found a neolithic wall painting, that looks like a plan of the former settlement. It was created about 6200 years B.C.

The length of the plan is approximately 3 m. The buildings on the painting are similar to the excavated houses uncovered by archaeologists. Behind the city, there is a representation of the mountain Hasan Dag with its volcano erupting. There is archaeological evidence that this volcano erupted in ancient times.

The reconstruction of the appearance of the ancient city confirms the validity of the map because the houses there located so tight to each other that the only entrance was on the roof. It also served as a window and chimney.

Nowadays, the ancient map of Catal Huyuk is visually reminiscent of Yemen’s city Shibam Hadramawt.

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