Pixel Map Generator is not a new, but still the great online tool. Simple in use, it has all the necessary basic staff for creating pixel maps. Sure, we’re talking about political maps, because the tool works with countries’ borders and their regions.

The list of Pixel Map Generator’ features:

1. You can create and export both regular maps and pixel maps.

2. You can choose geographic projection that fits your goal the best: Mercator, Miller, Equirectangular, Winkel, Eckert 3, Eckert 5.


3. You can choose a world map or a map of the country by just selecting it from the list. Each country will appear divided by its regions.

4. There is an ability to change a color of the country and of the surroundings (called “water”). You can also regulate the color of each region.

Austria pixel map generator

5. Use the menu on the left to add text, lines, and markers.

6. The pixels itself can be of four types: circle, square, rhombus, hexagon. You can choose the size of each block, and the distance between them (both in pixels). If you don’t like the result — just change parameters and click the “Generate Pixel Map” button again.

7. The last but not least — you can export what you got not just in png image format, but also download SVG and HTML.

8. Ok, the final one — it’s online and free.

166 thoughts on “Creating Pixel Maps Online”

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