How long should litigation take? We don’t expect to get a judgment in a few days or months, of course. But what if it lasts for centuries?

In the time of Renaissance and Modern times, people used hand-crafted maps for a practical purpose. One of them — as evidence in lawsuits related to land and real property. Take a look at the map below. For almost 400 years (1443-1829), the court considered the case of demarcation of the possessions of the Krakow Academy (the village of Bronowice Wielkie) with the owners of the neighboring villages of Bronowice Male, Bronowice Mariackie, Wola, and others. This map was attached to the process in the year 1545.

poland bronowice wielkie map

Great album book “Hand-crafted maps of the 16th-19th century. From the funds of the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Lviv” by Uliana Kryshtalovych has many examples of such maps.