Soviet Tourist Map of Tashkent Uzbekistan 1984 01

The map was printed in 1984 in Moscow in the Russian language. It is a reissued version of the tourist scheme first printed in 1982. The edition has 100 000 copies.

Soviet Tourist Map of Tashkent Uzbekistan 1984 02

On the backside, you can find short information about the Tashkent history, list of city streets, and addresses of museums, monuments, theaters, hotels, shops etc.

Soviet Tourist Map of Tashkent Uzbekistan 1984 04

There was a huge earthquake in Tashkent on 26 April 1966. Between 15 and 300 people were killed. The earthquake destroyed over 80% of Tashkent, leaving 300 000 people homeless. There could be more deaths, but most of the city population lived in traditional adobe houses. On the map below there is a city border before the earthquake.

Soviet Tourist Map of Tashkent Uzbekistan 1984 before the earthquake

There are a lot of Russian colonial markers in map design and content. First of all — tourist complex “Moscow” on the cover. The second — there are three pictures to illustrate the article on the city’s history. All of them shows the buildings that have “Peoples’ Friendship” signatures (literal translation of “Дружба Народов” is “Friendship Between Nations”): residential building on Peoples’ Friendship Avenue, Palace of Peoples’ Friendship named after V. I. Lenin, USSR Peoples’ Friendship Museum. It was aimed to remind people of Uzbekistan of their main duty in the Soviet Union — to be good friends to all other nations, especially Russians.

Soviet Tourist Map of Tashkent Uzbekistan 1984 03

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