This is the cover of the atlas for the school lesson “History of USSR” for the 7th grade, issued in the year 1965. The map shows the territorial expansion of Moscovie and the Russian Empire from the year 1300 to 1900.

cover of history of ussr school atlas in ukrainian

The atlas is in the Ukrainian language, so it was made for schoolchildren of Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine). The irony is that young Ukrainians could barely learn much about their history from this atlas.

Most of the territory of Ukraine is present on the page with the 13th century (the times of Kievan Rus), then it’s absent for almost 500 years and appears only in the second half of the 18th century when occupied by the Russian empire. It is as if five hundred years of Ukraine’s history were erased.

The whole “History of USSR” atlas is a hundred percent “History of Russia” atlas. It has not much space for any other nations except Russians.